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PROTECT YOUR FUEL & Why Time Matters

New York Mills, Minn. – (November 19, 2014) – Here is a quick and easy way to winterize your boat this season and why it’s important. Allowing unprotected fuel to age in your tanks and fuel systems, increases the vulnerabilities to Oxidation, Evaporation, Corrosion, and Water Contamination. Protecting your engine equipment starts with protecting your gasoline, gasoline-ethanol blends, diesel or biodiesel blends. Regardless of fuel type, replenishing your engine’s fuel system frequently with the newest and freshest fuel is the best prevention against problems.

Here is a simple overview of the potential problems.

  1. FUEL OXIDATION – Oxidation occurs as liquid petroleum hydrocarbons react to oxygen molecules from the surrounding air. Varnish and gum will clog fuel passageways, and form sticky deposits in carburetors, carburetor jets, and fuel injectors.
  2. FUEL EVAPORATION – As time allows for more varnish and gum to form, evaporation is gradually removing the fuel in order of lightest material first. As light ends evaporate, the less the gas will function properly, especially at colder temperatures.
  3. CORROSION – Fuel systems are susceptible to various forms of corrosion caused by unprotected fuel, ethanol blends in particular. When allowed enough time and exposure, corrosion will manifest as rust, salt deposits, acid pitting, dissolved resins, dry-rotted hoses, cracked fuel lines and decayed seal components. Though certain fuel ingredients can be mildly corrosive, some will become increasingly acidic or conductive when able to react with air, water, climate and other variables potentially ruining the engine.
  4. WATER IN FUEL – Water can enter fuel by vapor absorption, condensation, or by direct contamination. The most common being vapor absorption or condensation. Direct water contamination that amounts to fuel phase separation is not treatable and requires complete removal from the fuel system. In any fuel system, water will contribute to corrosion, combustion inefficiencies, line freezing, and microbial growth.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment resists fuel evaporation, stores lost engine power by dissolving old gum and varnish, and preserves fuel performance. Sea Foam Motor Treatment controls small amounts of moisture caused by condensation or vapor absorption, adds lubricity and corrosion protection to fuel and fuel system components, and contains no harsh detergents, abrasives, or antioxidants.

Here are some great tips for time management engine maintenance.

  • Time increases the effects of fuel oxidation. Evaporation will help anyone to better diagnose or prevent engine problems from occurring.
  • Fuel exposed to oxygen will start to lose its freshness in less than 30 days.
  • Focus on the most common, high probability concerns. Small, manageable amounts of water intrusion by vapor absorption and condensation are considerably more common than direct water contamination or events such as water phase separation that require immediate and complete removal from a fuel system.
  • When storing, fill fuel tanks to minimize air space. Every day of storage adds more air temperature cycles, causing more vapor pressure exchanges in a fuel system that allow more occasions for moisture and corrosion to develop.
  • Fresh fuel replenishment, proactively treating fresh fuel for potential storage and eliminating causes of water intrusion or corrosion will minimize or eliminate engine problems caused by degraded or contaminated fuels.

About Lund

Since 1948, Lund has been building boats from the heart of lakes country in New York Mills, Minn. Built with professional grade materials to withstand a lifetime of use, Lund Boats are guide tested and wilderness proven and demanded by more camps, resorts, fishing guides and professionals throughout North America. Whether the preference is aluminum or fiberglass, each boat is carefully designed with fishing features and optimal fishing layouts in mind. They’re engineered for maximum performance and superior boat control to effortlessly stay on the breaks and catch more fish, delivering The Ultimate Fishing Experience. Lund Boats – Built by Fishermen for Fishermen. For more information, visitwww.lundboats.com.

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About Brunswick

Headquartered in Lake Forest, Ill., Brunswick Corporation endeavors to instill “Genuine Ingenuity”(TM) in all its leading consumer brands, including Mercury and Mariner outboard engines; Mercury MerCruiser sterndrives and inboard engines; MotorGuide trolling motors; Attwood marine parts and accessories; Land ‘N’ Sea, Kellogg Marine, and Diversified Marine parts and accessories distributors; Bayliner, Boston Whaler, Brunswick Commercial and Government Products, Crestliner, Cypress Cay, Harris FloteBote, Lowe, Lund, Meridian, Princecraft, Quicksilver, Rayglass, Sea Ray, Trophy, Uttern and Valiant boats; Life Fitness and Hammer Strength fitness equipment; Brunswick bowling centers, equipment and consumer products; Brunswick billiards tables and foosball tables. For more information, visit http://www.brunswick.com.


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