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Lund Pro-Staff

Lund Pro-Staff

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Get to know the Lund Pro-staff.

We’re proud to represent our Pro-Staff, each member with their own individual story and skill set. Learn more about the men and women that make up the Lund team.

  • Toby Kvalevog

    Hometown: Brainerd , Minnesota

    Nothing replaces time on the water”, when trying to become a better angler. Read More »

  • Joel Piatek

    Fishing and the outdoors has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Read More »

  • Ron Fibke

    Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

    In the summer we were fishing from the shore until we got our first boat. Read More »

  • Bob Hickey

    Hometown: Kalispell, Montana

    I’ve owned 5 Lunds and the quality has been consistent with all of them. Read More »

  • John Jamison

    Hometown: Spring Hill, Kansas

    My mother and father were very passionate about fishing & hunting and took my siblings and I every weekend. I've fished my entire life! Read More »

  • Jason Gauthier

    Hometown: Pine Falls, MB

    I have been fishing since I was 6 years old, along the shores of the Winnipeg River in Pine Falls MB for walleyes. Read More »

  • Bill Sherck

    Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

    Do your research…. I’ve learned to study lake maps, keep an eye on weather and stop by the local bait shop to dig up key advice before tackling new bodies of water. Read More »

  • Scotty Brewer

    Hometown: Moorhead, MN

    Live life to the fullest. Live for today but be prepared for tomorrow. Life is short, enjoy it while you can. Read More »

  • Roy Vivian

    Hometown: Madison, WI

    It is empowering to hear people talk about what they can do rather than always hearing what they can’t do. Read More »

  • Keith La Blaine

    Hometown: Neenah, WI

    It is my goal to make fishing a memorable event that people will look forward to for the rest of their lives. Read More »

  • Chad Schilling

    Hometown: Mobride, South Dakota

    While my friends were at the pool in the summer, I was at the lake. Almost all of my childhood memories are fishing. And that’s a great thing. Read More »

  • Billy Rosner

    Hometown: Northern WI & U.P. of MI

    I remember hiding under the bench seat of our old Lund when my dad or brother would land a large pike or muskie.
    Read More »

  • Gord Ellis

    Hometown: Thunder Bay, Ontario

    Best life advice? Save your knees. That’s a good one. Do something you love. That’s what I tell my kids. Read More »

  • Lonnie King

    Hometown: Niagara Region of Ontario

    Exceptional results tend to be the product of exceptional effort! Read More »

  • John “JC” Csizmadia

    Hometown: Youngstown, OH

    “The walleye are in the weeds.” Prior to this tip, I was caught up in traditional thinking as far as walleye behavior and location. Read More »

  • Patrick Campeau

    Hometown: Laval, Quebec

    You have to pay attention to every small detail because it makes an enormous difference in between catching the big ones or just dreaming about them… Read More »

  • Perry Good

    Hometown: Mille Lacs, Minnesota

    Be flexible and develop confidence using different techniques. Take a kid fishing whenever possible. Read More »

  • Chris McMillan

    Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

    Be patient, fish can come quickly and always have confidence in your presentation. Read More »

  • Bret Setterholm

    Hometown: New York Mills, MN

    I'm very proud and blessed to be with the best boat company in the business... Read More »

  • Gary Nault

    Hometown: Sturgeon Bay, WI

    My biggest fish to date is a 37 1/2 pound King Salmon caught from a 16 foot Lund. What a battle! Read More »

  • Alex Keszler

    Hometown: Came to Canada at age 2 on a large boat

    My dad started me fishing at a very young age and I'm so thankful he did. Read More »

  • Ray Gildow

    Hometown: Staples, MN

    Our league has provided guide trips since 1967 with everyone from Kirby Pucket to Govenor Jessie Ventura. Read More »

  • Craig Stapon

    Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Every day is an adventure. I don’t judge myself on tournament finishes. I enjoy teaching and watching others grow...
    Read More »

  • Mike Gofron

    Hometown: Antioch, IL

    Performance, quality, fishability, innovative. Lund has always been my first choice...
    Read More »

  • Ted Takasaki

    Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

    Hall of Fame professional angler who won the prestigious the Professional Walleye Trail Championship in 1998...
    Read More »

  • Marianne Huskey

    Hometown: Charlevoix, MI

    Inspired by a company that is so much more than a boat manufacturer. Lund is a family tradition that is passed down to from generation to generation... Read More »

  • Scott Duncan

    Hometown: Spring Grove, IL

    If I could go back to any age I would go back to being an 8-year-old kid. No worries other than eat, sleep and play... Read More »

  • Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson

    Hometown: Kenora, Ontario

    The largest fish that I have ever caught was a 35 pound lake trout from Lake of the Woods. I'm a bass guy so my biggest bass holds a special place in my heart... Read More »

  • Tony Roach

    Hometown: Willow River, MN

    My first recollection was fishing in my Grandfather boat at age 5, with Dad and Grandpa. I am proud to say my Grandpa Bob’s boat was red Lund counsel boat... Read More »

  • Rob Manthei

    Home: Wisconsin

    I fish for mainly muskies and walleyes. I may be fishing the MWC and PMTT this year... Read More »


Mike Gofron

Lund Pro-Staffer Mike Gofron talks about his choice of boats, motors, tournaments, and a new 'how to' website in the works.
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