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Marianne Huskey

Hometown: Charlevoix, MI

How long have you been fishing?

I have been fishing since I was 6 or 7yrs old. My first fishing excursion was with my grandfather on Lake Michigan in the rain searching for perch. Therefore I have been fishing for 27 years.

What inspired you to become a Lund Pro-Staff?

To become a member of the Lund Pro Staff has always been a dream of mine. As a young girl I would watch the fishing shows on TV and it always seemed the stars would be fishing out of a Lund. The boat that was highlighted in the show did not necessarily have to be a new Lund, but the fishability, craftsmanship and durability of the boat always interest me. The first boat that I owned was a Lund. It was a 14’ Alaskan and I was so proud to be a Lund owner.

Inspired by a company that is so much more than a boat manufacturer. Lund is a family tradition that is passed down to from generation to generation. As the years passed I would see families throughout the country sharing their passion for these boats, and I too was a Lund owner at the time. As the years past, and I began to tournament fish at the grass roots level, I could only dream to be a part of the Lund Pro-Staff.

In 2008 I made the decision to fish the Pro Circuit. I will never forget the day I received the call from my dealership telling me I was officially a part of the Lund Pro-Staff.

Can you tell us the largest fish you have ever caught?

The largest walleye I have ever caught was a 12lb. 31” walleye in Green Bay, WI.

Where are you from?

I was raised in Charlevoix, MI. and I also lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for 11 years.

Where do you mostly fish and what tournaments can we see you in this season?

Most of my time is spent fishing the AIM Pro Walleye Series Tournament Circuit. When I am not competing in tournaments you can usually find me on Green Bay, WI, or the St. Mary’s River in Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

What is the best fishing tip that you ever received?

“Have fun and just fish”

In what ways are you involved in the angling community?

My involvement in the angling community consist of the following: NPAA Youth Clinic Director for all AIM Pro Walleye Series Tournaments ( this year I had a record breaking number of attendants at the AIM Brimley event, with over 250 children) communicating with each area that the AIM events go to is important. We all want our youth to be involved.

I am a Life Time member of the AIM Pro Walleye Series.

Keeping a line of communication open with anglers at all levels via, facebook, phone, and email.

Newspaper articles, tv interviews, radio shows, seminars, and guest appearances giving tips on fishing, tackle, boats and motors.

With all of the above I would have to say the most important involvement is with our youth and with how I try to make myself available at each location for questions and conversation with the general public.

Pick five words to describe yourself.

Motivated, Energetic, Strong, Funny, and Happy

What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever bought?

The most ridiculous thing that I have ever bought was an ice fishing rod that was battery operated to jig for me. LOL. It did not work.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Each and every day is special. Tell your loved ones that “you love them” and enjoy each day as if it is your last!!

What trait do you admire in people?


What was the best year of your life?

2002! I spent most of the summer afternoons and winter days on the water or ice fishing with my son who was 9 at the time and my late husband! We laughed more that year than I have ever laughed in my entire life. It was truly a special year.

What’s your worst habit?

My worst habit is biting my lip!!! I will do this often at the start of each day or the tournament. If my grandmother could see me on camera she would be calling my cell phone and telling me to stop biting my lip!!

What’s your favorite model of Lund to fish out? Why?

My favorite model of Lund to fish out of is the Pro V. After spending many years on the Great Lakes it is important to be able to move to multiply spots in any conditions. The Pro-V is also a great model for trolling, and trolling is my specialty.

Anything else you would like to say to our entire staff at Lund Boats?

Absolutley!!! I had the pleasure to meet some of the staff while participating in the photo shoot in MN. I just want to say thank you!! Everyone was so welcoming to me and so personable while I was there. All of these things back-up my opinion of the “LUND FAMILY” I know it does not matter if you folks are in the office or on the floor, I am a big fan and happy to be a part of this family. Thanks again for all of your support.


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